Water Testing

We can perform a variety of tests to determine the safety of your water. We test for environmental contaminants, both naturally occurring and those that may result from pollution and agricultural run-off. We are able to tell you how much, if any, of these your water contains, and can recommend solutions to make your water safer. It is recommended that homeowners get their water tested for, at minimum, coliform bacteria and nitrates. Why worry? Bring us your water to ensure its safety and purity.


Soil Testing

Soil testing can be used to determine the safety of soil in order to ensure that soil is healthy for people and the environment. We can also analyze your soil for nutrient levels that provide an indicator for its health and potential for successful crops.

Wine Testing

We are able to analyze both safety-related aspects of wine, such as the presence or absence of bacteria and heavy metals, and also quality related aspects such as sulfite levels. If you are in the wine business, or even just have a home-brewing operation, we can give you the information you need for successful wine production.